Sunday, April 13, 2014

Owner financing a cash, “life raft,” in a financial emergency.

Dear home seller,
If you’re selling your home using owner financing. 

I can Help You in several ways

1. Construct your owner financing package be a personal cash, “life raft,” in a financial emergency.

 2. If you haven’t sold your home yet, let an active note investor give you suggestions on structure your owner financing package so it’s attractive to today’s demanding investors. I help you achieve maximum lump-sum cash value of the income stream you are about to create. Even if you don’t intent to ever sell the cash flow, structure it so it is sellable is very prudent, available if you should ever need a large chunk of cash.

3.  I can Cash you out, all / part of your home equity position in as little as One month after selling your home.

4.  If you've owner financed in the past, old rules do not apply.  The federal government now oversees all owner financing transactions.

Call me now for a free,” investor ‘s point of view consultation.”
John McEnroe

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Selling Your Real Estate Note, Well thought out Decision

You financed the sale of your home 

& now receive a small monthly income.

After consulting with BroadLeaf on the Cash lump sum value of our note. We have decided....  

You both have thought it through, discussed it thoroughly & the numbers work. You've decided it is time to sell that monthly income you have enjoyed from financing the sale of our home for a large chunk of cash now.   

Sell note with yield of X reinvest @ XX

If your are yet to sell your home with owner financing,

 let me help you create a more sellable / valuable note.

For fair pricing, prompt & expert service

contact John McEnroe
Managing Director


Friday, January 24, 2014

Owner Financing & Government Intrusion

Attention Homeowners

As of January 2014, If you want to sell your home and reap the benefits of providing owner carry back financing the Federal government has placed into law new rules you must follow.

OK it’s a bummer when you see that.  But it’s a law and we’ve got to live with it.

Here’s the good part, by proper utilization of these laws alongside a well-constructed note package, your note vastly increases in cash value.
On the flip side of the coin

Ignore these new laws; you can end up with a pile of worthless paper, “Your Note, YOUR EQUITY”.

One day you may need/like a lump some of cash for your note.
You deserve a service oriented guide to help you navigate these choppy waters to create a “sellable” note that fetches top dollar.

Call us for a free consultation
on your note to be created or want to sell.

Phone (209)-878-7817    as for John